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At A. F. Sandy Forbes Insurance Broker you are provided with timely updates and re-evaluations of polices when circumstances in your life change. We will keep you apprised of any changes, new discounts or new coverages that become available. Our warm and friendly service will always be there.

We work closely with three main (and local) Canadian-owned insurance companies to bring you great protection and coverage. Service is the most vital part of having insurance and this means service from our office as well as service from the insurance company when and if you suffer a claim. The great rapport we have with our clients begins with the great rapport we have in the office.

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Our Equity Position

A.F. Sandy Forbes Insurance is a privately owned company. No insurance company or financial institution has any ownership in this brokerage.

Our Compensation

Brokerage compensation forms part of the premium that you pay when you pay your insurance.
The standard general commissions range as follows:
Brokerage Compensation Automobile Property/Casualty Bonds
5% - 12.5% 10% - 20% 25%
Insurance companies continually seek to maintain their profitability and their prices and rules are based upon this. There are some insurance companies who will ofer a contingent profit commission for profitable business. There are calculated on a separate basis and not guaranteed. They also fluctuate from year to year. A single substantial loss or claim can completely eliminate these.

Our History

  • Sandy Forbes
  • Kathryn Forbes
  • Forbes Insurance
  • A.F. Sandy Forbes Insurance