Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Get the facts on proper coverage

Personal insurance generally excludes coverage when a vehicle is used for commercial or business purposes. We must then insure the vehicle on a commercial basis. When a vehicle is used in a business there are special considerations.

The vehicle may be used to carry items relating to your work, or there may be specialized equipment mounted or attached to the vehicle. Generally the business needs to have their commercial vehicle in use at all times, so this is important as well. If the vehicle is damaged a replacement vehicle needs to be arranged on a temporary basis. This coverage can be included in the policy for you.

Generally speaking, the basic coverages in a commercial vehicle policy are similar to personal insurance but there are specific commercial coverages that can be added to the policy to tailor it specifically for the business use.

Call or e-mail us to learn more details about commercial vehicle insurance. We'll explain the complexities in human-speak so that you can make informed decisions for your company.